Crystal Bed 

 Jill Genttner

  Jill is a registered Nurse who is also a Medical Medium Practitioner, Shaman, Reiki Practitioner, and a Medical Qigong Practitioner. 

​ She traveled to Brazil and met the healer "John of God" and returned with a Crystal Bed that reflects light through crystals that correlate with the colors of your Chakra's. It is said this crystal bed helps to rejuvenate your cells, and has many other benefits; balancing and opening your Chakra's.

Jill Genttner

               Reiki Master, tarot Card,
                          Spiritual Reader
                                   Kelly Lubbe

                           Follow Your Heart

My name is Kelly Lubbe I am a Reiki Master Holy Fire,
and a Spiritual reader. I found that I had this gift all of
 my life but have really tuned in the last few years after the death of my mother. I received the most beautiful gift when I became a Reiki Master and would like to share it with others. 

“I offer my clients a space to find relaxation, serenity, new-found insights, I also encourage my clients to be empowered in their life and do things that bring that sense of peace, relaxation, self-love, and connection they experience in my office into their everyday lives.

I believe that we can choose to experience and find happiness and peace in our lives no matter what may be going on around us or what has happened to us in the past.  We can’t control the world around us but we can make a choice in how we perceive, view, and react to things.  When we get lost in our life sometimes we forget that. Sometimes, the universe knocks on our door to wake us up.  When something completely unexpected happens that affects our health, heart, mind, or spirit, it’s a call for us to stop what we’re doing, breathe, take a look at our life, see the suffering or struggle we are experiencing, and realize it’s time to make a  change in how we view ourselves, others, and how we interact with the world.  In my own life this took the form of an injury.  For you maybe it is a relationship ending, loss of someone you loved, a crisis, or a disease.

Changing your outlook can completely change your life and how you perceive yourself, other people, situations, and events and bring you more happiness, peace, and joy and less fear, doubt and suffering.  I can help you to make positive changes in your life that will help you experience more joy and peace, such as learning to become self-aware, how to release thoughts that create suffering and to go with the flow, and to unblock and open your energy centers.  I can help teach you to reconnect with yourself and your intuition. To trust life and the world again. To develop self-love and respect so don’t have to look outside yourself for those things and can freely offer them to others. 

Intuitive, Mediums and Psychic Readings

Carolyn Rose

Spiritual Medium

   I am Rev. Carolyn Rose, a Spiritual/Psychic Medium for over 35 years gifted in Clairvoyance – clear seeing, Clairaudience-clear hearing, and Clairsentience – clear sensing. I work closely with Spirit Guides to give accurate and insightful readings. I love sharing  my gifts to help others connect to their loved ones who have crossed over into the spiritual realm to promote healing, and an awareness that life is eternal. I am quite aware of the universal life force that dwells within us and aspire to be and show that our oneness is connected through Love..

       I became aware of my gifts at the age of nine, and dedicated my life to helping others gain an understanding that the universal connecting force of life as Love. I offer guidance to all seekers on the path of human life.

      I studied at Arthur Findlay College, in the United Kingdom (a college of Spiritualism and psychic science), and studied with a renowned spiritual intuitive including Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pittilla and Glen Edwards.  I also served as President of the Independent Spiritualist Association of America between 2010 - 2015, and I am an Elder of the "Grand River Ottawa Tribe". I am looking forward to meeting you and giving new inspirations.

     I will be offering Intuitive development classes at Unity,

Carolyn Rose

       John Anthony specializes in Aura Reader and usines a cutting edge equipment that captures the reflexology points on your hand. This specialized equipment senses your aura through the reflexology points of your hand.. Your Aura is the essence of who you are  and are seen as varying colors. Often these colors are signatures of energy holding a lessons you 

are learning and sometimes the healing taking place in your life. ​ John's session includes three interpretations:

  1) The colors above you which is the energy being provided to help you with
      your lessons. 

  2) The colors you are standing on which reflects the events happening in
       your life today, 

  3) The colors around you which relates to your life lessons.  

  John Anthony is also an accomplished Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Color and Sound Therapy, and an Ordained Minister.
Massage and Body Work Modalities
Tarot Card Reader
LInda Cossel

     My name is Linda and I have been reading 
Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards for over 8 years.
 Since just before my mother passed, I have 
visited various readers who all encouraged me 
to pick up a deck of cards and just start reading. I finally followed their advise. I found a whole new world that brought comfort and understanding, not just to me, but to people that I work with.
       I believe that Tarot is a powerful tool that allows us to access new perspectives, open and clear hidden plot points, discover new directions, and most importantly, to empower us to make the most of the knowledge we uncover.

Linda Cossel

Reiki Master

David Pollick

       Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes well-being. Reiki is administered by “Laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

       Reiki is a sacred practice that requires reverence and our greatest respect in order to experience its most wonderful value. The benefits of Reiki can be all-encompassing, giving us the ability to support well-being for ourselves and others. Reiki can also bring guidance for our lives. Its unlimited nature can create opportunities for continual growth, unfoldment, and awakening to our own boundless potential.

Aura Reader
    James Stovall is an initiate of the shamanic traditions of the Qero - the descendants of the Inca -who once lived in one of the most remote places in the Peruvian Andes.

    James studies and practices how these ancient mountain traditions, embracing the infinite within - like reflections on the waters surface on the deep cold waters of our own Great Lakes.
       James Stovall


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                                          gifted and well-being modalities. 

Most practitioners are asking for $30 for 20-30 minute session

Do not forget to request an appointment.  Call Kelly @ (517) 745-4404
**Last Appointment at 4:30 PM
       It is this path he shares with his apprentices and others who have an interest in the Deep. His specialty is shamanic cleansings, the release of heavy energy that is trapped in a person’s spirit. James is residing in Michigan where he shares his talent and gifts to those seeking a the freeing Deepness in all life.

       I have always been drawn to pretty rocks and have them all over my home and office. Each has a purpose and a voice. They “speak” to me, each stone and crystal having a unique quality, a voice I recognize. A voice that is very apparent after meditation and journaling. I have learned to listen so I can help others.  

       With the eager cooperation of 40+ crystals and stones that I have been collected over many years, you will be asked to o pick five(5) crystals that resonate to you.

      Each crystal or stone represents a specific time in your life that influenced where you are presently. The crystals have answered questions from how you got to your present situation, what lessons you have learned or still need to learn, and whether you are here now fulfill a souls calling.

       Yes, these stones and crystals can give you a nudge in the grand direction, if your open to listen. 

     Since I was a little girl, I loved giving massage to family and friends. I could feel the tension in their body leave under my hands.

      I studied music, play the piano and guitar and sing inspirational music. I also entered the field of social work, before answering a call for therapeutic massage. I am always moved when I feel a person relax under my hands.

 I have been a massage therapist for 14 years and touch my purpose when I hear the stress of a clients voice melt away as they let go of emotional burdens.

  Today I mix my own essential oils, and use a rainbow technique which combines massage, reflexology and essential oils. I am also a Reiki Master.

 I always felt my hands were meant to sooth people under the cool shade of a shared presents of unconditional Love. My gift of massage is me embracing Life.  Life is beautiful! 

  517 789-6061 
Inpegrissage building, 1312 Warren Ave,
 Jackson, Mi. 

       Julie Sottek

Crystal Life Path Reader
(Stone & Crystal Whisperer)

     Julie Sottek is a Reiki practitioner, Fire II Karuna ® Reiki Master (July 2016), ORDM (April 9, 2014) and owner of Dragonflydream Designs Crystal Jewelry. She is also a student of  Crystal Life Path Reader with Tim Harris, author of The Ancient Stone Reading (2015).

       Robbin Vercande

Spirit Guide
(Messages from Spirit)

       Robin taps into where we are all connected. Your spirit guides talk to her spirit guides and show her pictures in her crystal ball. With over 40 years of experience giving readings Robin offers an authentic and beautiful message. Everything she does is done with love!

​Contact Robin for more information at>
      Beatrice Raynor


Clarence Sheufelt


Contact Clarence at  ​ for any questions.

Essential Oils, Beads, Books & More 

       Several studies funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health indicate that reflexology may reduce pain and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Studies also show that reflexology may have benefits in palliative care of people with cancer.

Many say Reflexologists can also aid a wide variety of medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes and cancer. 

​Clarence specializes in Reflexology, which is an alternative modality involving massaging and applying pressure to the feet and hands and ears which reflect an image of the body.
N Y  Church of Jackson, Michigan
Take US-127 South to Monroe/Vandercook Lake Exit.  Turn LEFT onto Napoleon Road/M50 East.  Turn RIGHT onto Miles Road.  Unity Church is down just a short way on the RIGHT.  
Spiritual Medium
(Messages & Guidance from Loved Ones)

Solfeggio Tuning

Sound Energy from Tuning Forks that Transform


 Rael walks in light and love in service to the Creative Principle and Divine

unfoldment.  ​ She is a Non-Denominational Minister, Universal Oneness Ambassador/Spiritual counselor, and assists others to remember their true essence. She is also the founder of Joy Harmonics that offers light, color and sound energy weaving sessions. 

Rael is certified in the techniques of Solfeggio tuning, which uses sound energy from tunning forks to transform blocks at the casual emotional/mind level and also tranforms energy at the physical body level.

A truly pleasant, loving and relaxing experience while the Solfeggio tones are bringing your body, nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmony and balance. It is a cellular massage that can re-activate dormant DNA allowing one to access higher levels of consciousness.
Well-being and Energy Tuning Modalities
Sandra Davidson is a an intuitive medium and metaphysical minister who can hear and see Spirit. 

   I look forward to meeting you to connect with loved ones who have passed and explore your new beginnings.


Sandra Davidson
Intuitive Medium and Metaphysical Minister

My name  is Jill Kazee and I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. By the age of 12 it had become clear to me that I had a heightened sense of spiritual awareness, and that I was gifted in receiving premonition type dreams. Although the dreams frightened me as a child, at the same time I always knew that something very special was going to happen to me one day. It wasn't until much later in life, after my children were all grown, when my desire returned and I was ready to explore my spirituality.

      I began practicing mindfulness, daily gratitude, and meditating as a way of looking inward to strengthen and balance my mind, body, and soul.

      As a Registered Dental Hygienist, I have been educating my patients in proper oral health and good nutrition for 15 years. Over the years, I have come to know several patients, as well as family members, who suffer from depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorders or a combination of the three. My mother was one of these people. I have seen first hand the toll these conditions can take on both the physical and emotional health on a person's daily life. 

       My compassion for people with these conditions and my passion for holistic health, has led me to discover and learn about natural herbs and supplements which have been shown to be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety and other conditions. I encourage people to discuss these options with their doctor. 

My mother died on New Year's Eve. 2014. On New Year's Day 2015 I met a new friend who would change my life forever. It was through him that I met a psychic medium who was the first to tell me that I had the gift of Reiki and that I was supposed to use my gift to help others. A message that I rejected for over a year, however, the same message came to me two more times, by two other psychic/ mediums. 

Through a series of unusual events, I was led to my wonderful Reiki instructor who guided and attuned me in Usai Reiki to the Mastery Level. During my Mastery Attunement, I was blessed with the most beautiful spiritual vision. I knew I was being honored.

 I am honored to to share my knowledge of herbs and supplements, and assist you
using  calming, relaxation technique of Reiki to help your body's natural energy flow
 and to restore your sense of inner peace and balance.

 With love and light, Namaste
Which Practitioner do I choose?
We are all intuitive human beings and our intuition often speaks to us through our feeling.
Notice your feeling as you scroll down.
Trust that better feeling is leading you to your practitioner.

       I teach and preach at the Fort Wayne metaphysical Chapel I do oracle card readings I use a pendulum to communicate with spirit I'm a spiritual man that has seen as spoke to Spirit my whole life I'm blessed with gifts and abilities and I'm here to serve Humanity. 


Rusty Piazza
​Intuitive medium