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Unity Of Jackson, Savings Highway Program

     Our "Savings Highway" offers products at value prices. We extensively researched this company and concluded their reputation, products, integrity, and reputation are stellar. Each time you buy a product or use a service from the "Savings Highway" program, Unity Church receives an advertising commission. Please click here to see the great value of house hold items, cosmetics and even solar panels to keep the earth greener.


​   Note: the above link provides third party products and services which are not provided by Unity Church. In purchasing third party products and services, your legal relationship will be with the third party supplier and not Unity Church. All information, services and products are provided without express or implied warranty from Unity Church of Jackson. 

       Although we believe the products and business model of the "Highway Savings Program"  are of the highest integrity, and we may receive fees or commissions from this third party from your purchase; we make no representations about the accuracy or suitability of the services and products offered by the Highways Savings program. That being said, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised and appreciate  great value of these products and services.

 We thank you for supporting our financial well being.

Support Unity Church through a product savings program called "Savings Highway"